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What We Offer

Prompt Efficient Service     Our initial collection letter will be sent to the debtor within five days of our receipt of the account from you.  At the same time, we will send an acknowledgement letter to you.  Two weeks later,  a collector will be on the phone attempting contact with the debtor.  If the account is not paid in full within 30-90 days of our initial collection letter, we will report the collection  account to the credit bureau and proceed with our collection efforts.

Extensive Efforts with Professional Approach     Our owner's 25 years of collection experience has helped us develop our collection procedures which include an average of seven to 12 letters to each debtor and up to 25 attempts to contact each debtor by phone over a 12 to 24 month period, depending on the amount of skip-tracing required (obtaining debtor's current address, phone number and/or employment information.)  Our collection efforts are most extensive during the first six months.  During this time, weekly and bi-weekly attempts are made to obtain information and contact each debtor by phone.  The next six months include monthly  attempts to obtain information and contact each debtor by phone and in the final months of active collections we attempt to obtain information and contact each debtor every 60-90 days.  We feel that phone contact is key to successful collections.  When we do reach a debtor--your customer--by phone, you can be assured he/she will be treated in a fair and reasonable manner.  We understand that our professionalism is a direct link to your reputation.

Exceptional Organization & Communication   We use several computer software packages which we have customized to effectively track the activity of our collection accounts and avoid the risk of  accounts "slipping through the cracks."  Our setup allows us to provide you with a fully detailed status report on the last business day of every month along with a remittance of any payments received that month.  We also provide annual recovery reports at the end of every year which enables us (and you) to track our progress.

Continued Service   If, after 12 to 24 months of continuous collection activity, we have not secured a promise for payment in full or an acceptable payment arrangement based on the debtor's financial situation, we will consider the account "uncollectible" (due to exhausted efforts) and recommend authorization from you for legal action, if justified.  If legal action is not justified, or if you prefer not to sue, we will re-classify the account in our system as "inactive" (the account will no longer appear on your monthly status report), however, we will continue to update the debtor’s credit record every month for seven years (on balances of $50.00 or more with a valid social security number.)  If anything changes in the debtor’s financial situation within that time, he/she could be required to pay his/her collection account in order to obtain or establish new credit.  Periodically we review (and sometimes re-open) inactive accounts to obtain current information, attempt contact by phone and/or send collection notices.

Professional Affiliations  We are on file with the American Collectors Association and the Kentucky Collectors Association and follow their guidelines.  We follow the regulations of the FDCPA. (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act.)  We are a credit reporting agency.  We are a member of Trans Union Credit Corporation and are electronically linked with them for monthly credit reporting.  Trans Union's services are also used for our skip-tracing efforts as are several online investigative databases we subscribe to.   In addition, we are established with two local collection attorneys and use their services, when necessary and justified, to take legal action in civil district or circuit court to collect an account. 

Recovery Rate  Our current average recovery rate is 37.97%.

Our goal is to reach a recovery rate of at least 25% for each client.

Commission Rate  Our commission rate is 40%.

References  References are available at your request.


Main Page    Introduction     What We Offer     Projections & Comparisons    Placement Form