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                   Are you completely satisfied with the current rate of recovery of your delinquent accounts?  Whether you currently use a collection agency, or handle your accounts "in-house", we are confident we can increase your recovery rate by focusing on your specific collection needs.

                   We are BE$T Collections, LLC,  currently in our 12th year of business.  Our goal remains to provide local professionals with the exceptional service they deserve!

                    We contribute our success to one simple fact:  We thoroughly work each and every account placed with our company, regardless of the number of accounts submitted by each client, or the balances of their accounts.  We are proud of the QUALITY of our work, as opposed to the quantity of accounts we handle.

                                    We collect for small businesses.  We believe these businesses are often overlooked or “lost in the shuffle” at larger collection agencies.  Our clients consist of medical, dental and veterinary practices and a wide variety of professional service providers including accountants, appraisers, exterminators, plumbers and licensed child care providers.

                 We have helped to increase the cash flow of over 230 professionals in the Greater Louisville Area.  We would love to do the same for you!

Why settle for less, when you can have the BE$T?


Main Page     Introduction     What We Offer     Projections & Comparisons    Placement Form